Christmas Variety Box

Christmas Variety Box


A variety of all four of our Christmas flavors. Eggnog, Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread, and White Peppermint Mocha 


No Subsitutions 

  • Ingredients and Allergens

    Gingerbread Ingredients: almonds, eggs, butter, spices, food coloring, white chocolate, Biscoff brand speculoos cookie butter, sprinkles, guar gum.

    White Peppermint Mocha ingredients: almonds, eggs, butter, sugar, cream, coffee, peppermint extract, Callebaut brand white chocolate, food coloring, guar gum.

    Sugar cookie ingredients; almonds, eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, lemon oil, food grade essential oil, guar gum, sugar sprinkles, food coloring

    Eggnog Ingredients; almonds, eggs, sugar, spices, guar gum, food coloring.

    Contains the following allergens: egg, wheat, soy, almonds, dairy

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