We only use couverture chocolate imported from Europe and meticulously hand temper every batch to bring you these premium confections you are sure to love. 

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What is couverture chocolate?

Couverture is the name given to a certain class of high-quality chocolate. All chocolate bars contain many of the same base ingredients; cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and perhaps additives like vanilla, soy lecithin, or milk powder. Couverture chocolate, unlike regular chocolate, is ground to a finer texture during the production process and contains a greater percentage of cocoa butter relative to the other ingredients. These two differences produce a superior flavor and texture that makes couverture the preferred chocolate for tempering and enrobing truffles, bonbons, and other fine candies.

In America, the precise standards for couverture chocolate state that couverture chocolate must contain a minimum of 35 percent cocoa solids and 31 percent cocoa butter. 31 percent is just the minimum amount and some couverture chocolates contain up to 39 percent cocoa butter. The more cocoa butter the chocolate contains, the more fluid it is when melted, which is why it is the preferred choice for tempering.

What is tempering?

Tempering is the process of heating and cooling chocolate to precise temperatures in order to stabilize it for making candies and confections. It gives chocolate a smooth and glossy finish, keeps it from easily melting on your fingers, and allows it to set up beautifully for dipped and chocolate-covered treats.

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